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It's Never Too Late To Restore A Lake
A Lake Completely Taken
Over By Aquatic Plants
  A Gabion Wall Is Installed
To Contain Sediment
  The Lake is Restored
Lake Access Has Been Blocked By Sediment
  Lake Access is Hopeless   Now Comes the Icky Part  
  Looking Better   Job Complete  
Whenever Possible We Confine
Our Work To The Lake Bed
Loading Sediment at
One End of the Lake
  Transporting Material in the
Lake Bed to Avoid Damage
to Shoreline Property
  Dumping Material

A Small Pond Is Drained For Renovation
Note Egret Taking
Advantage of a Meal
  Reshaping the
Pond Banks
  Pond Restored

We Specialize In Hard-To-Access Jobs
Sediment Removal in the
Middle of a Busy Office Park
  Keeping Access
to a Minimum

Where To Place Spoil Is A Challenge
Spoil is contained
behind earth berms
  Same spoil site turned
into a recreation area
  This spoil site is now a
world class rose garden

No Job Is Too Small
A backyard pond completely
grown over
  The job begins   A pond is restored